Proper training is essential so that anyone can enjoy and take advantage and enhance the training with kettlebells, either in part of the fitness or sports side. The UKC, undertakes to take up to all those wishing to learn how to use kettlebells correctly, safely and effectively. Through workshops, seminars, Sport Camps and Instructor Courses.

The UKC, does not have as a principle to follow specific guidelines, but take advantage of the knowledge of all the athletes, coaches and major global references so that we can together develop the training and the sport.

By UKC, you can find:

Competitions & Challenges

. UKC Country Challenge 5 minutes
. UKC Country Challenge 7 minutes
. UKC Country All Teams Competition 10 minutes
. UKC Continental All Teams Competition 10 minutes
. UKC World All Teams Competition 10 minutes

Workshops & Seminars


. UKC | Continental Annual Kettlebell Sport Camp.
. Bi-Annual UKC All Teams Together Sport Camp
. Country Representer Kettlebell Seminar – Come and Learn
. UKC | Affiliate Kettlebell Workshops – Come and Learn (4h)
. UKC | Basic Foundations for Kettlebell Training (Workshop – 3h)

Kettlebell Certifications

. UKC Kettlebell Fitness Instructor Course – Level 1
. UKC Kettlebell Coach Course – Level 2
. UKC Kettlebell Sport Coach Course – Level 3

Specific Kettlebell Sport

. UKC Kettlebell Sport Judge Course

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