The UKC is a non-profit organization thought by several athletes and clubs with main goal to promote clubs of kettlebell sport. With that, we think on sport, clubs and athletes. However, everything should be connected by well done foundations of all.

Our vision is based on fostering training tool Kettlebell in the present physical condition in general and specifically in the aspect of the sport of Girevoy Sport.

By UKC, each country may have one or more representatives, including a nation-wide or more at regional level. So, we want each member of the UKC may have the opportunity and support to promote the use of kettlebells in training and the sport of Kettlebell Lifting or Girevoy Sport.

Also, our mission has as a basic principle that each representative can with their students, clients or athletes, offer a theoretical service / technical excellence and ensure the quality that is recognized to the mentors of the UKC.

With a well-defined mission, we want the sport to grow in community and with a good sense of union and every member of UKC can develop the best possible project with your community.

The UKC is based on the following structure:

UKC General | UKC Continental Director | UKC Country Representers | UKC Country Affiliates | UKC Members



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