The UKC always have the doors open to all interested parties wishing to follow and identify with the Principles, Values and the organization’s mission.

In each country, there should be an entity recognized by the UKC and that should guide all new members wishing to join and be part of this organization. Therefore, each entity representative should be recognized through invitation to be the legal representative of the UKC in your country or through the recognition of a level 1 instructor and showing interest in joining the organization through application to the UKC Continental Director and thus be recognized as “UKC Representer Country.”

Other clubs wishing to join the UKC, should seek their Country Representer and submit your application and after consideration shall be answered within 90 days.

People individual, can also be Affiliates or Country Representer if they are invited or present the minimum requisites. If they wish to be just athletes and participate in Challenges and Competitions UKC, should seek an Affiliate in your country of residence.


UKC Brazil – UKC Brasil

UKC Portugal – Portugal Kettlebell Club

UKC Spain – Centaurus Centro Deportivo (in process)

UKC Sweden – Uddevalla Kettlebell Club

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